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home notizie exhibition "il tempo di giacometti da chagall a kandinsky" -palazzo della gran guardia-verona-tickets available in hotel-

Exhibition "Il tempo di Giacometti da Chagall a Kandinsky" -Palazzo della Gran Guardia-Verona-tickets available in hotel-


The masterpieces from the Maeght Foundation in the exhibition organized by Linea d’Ombra at the Gran Guardia

"Giacometti's time from Chagall to Kandinsky. Masterpieces from the Maeght Foundation "(from 16 November 2019 to 5 April 2020) is a superb foray, with a hundred works including sculptures, paintings and drawings, in the terrain of the highest international twentieth century, with its center in Paris.A monographic exhibition dedicated to Alberto Giacometti, with over 70 works, together with other artists who gravitated in Paris especially in the years between the two wars but also in the following decade, from Kandinsky to Braque, from Chagall to Miró, with a further twenty paintings famous.

Marco Goldin curates the exhibition, thus returning to his love for the 20th century and to studies on the twentieth century: «Giacometti was one of my earliest passions in the field of art, shortly after twenty years. I was looking for it in books, exhibitions and museums in Europe. At first I loved his drawings immensely, several of which I have chosen to wear in Gran Guardia. Then his paintings so syncopated, especially the figures and still lifes, also present in Verona, and of course the sculptures. I am happy to be able to pay tribute to Giacometti in Italy with this vast exhibition, with works that span his entire career, from his youthful time in Switzerland to the inaugural sculptures around 15 years up to the surrealist and maturity tests ». "It is fascinating to imagine - continues Goldin - in the vast central hall of the Gran Guardia, the" Great standing woman ", a threadlike sculpture almost three meters high, up to the most famous sculpture among all," The man who walks ", which will be displayed by his side. In the middle, the precise and poetic reconstruction of Giacometti's entire life, including drawings and paintings and above all many of his very famous sculptures, from the busts and heads of his brother Diego, to dogs, cats, forests made of figures almost liquefied. Until the well-known female figure of 1956, called Donna di Venezia. Of that figure the Maeght Foundation possesses all the nine variations that will be exhibited in Verona, for a comparison that has been made rarely throughout the world ". (edited by Giorgia Cozzolino) Show Time: from Tuesday to Thursday: 9am to 6pm from Friday to Sunday: 9am - 8pm Monday closed