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David Garrett in Arena di Verona 2019


The Devil's Violinist in the Arena "Unlimited - Greatest Hits - Live" the new world tour of the German violinist with whom he will celebrate his ten years of crossover. Given the growing Italian fan-base, David Garrett has decided to include a special date on his new tour, which will see him perform in the extraordinary setting of the Arena di Verona, Sunday 15 September 2019, with his spectacular crossover program! A pop Paganini, a violinist Jimi Hendrix, David Garrett is the "Devil's Violinist" of our time, an international superstar able to blur the boundaries between Mozart and Metallica. Acclaimed for being the pioneer of contemporary crossover and for his exceptionally virtuous way of playing, David is perfectly at ease in executing from the most complex classical compositions with the best orchestra conductors and orchestras in the world, to the most popular rock hits. by the state public. Admired by millions of fans around the world, David Garrett has already sold millions of tickets and won 24 gold and 16 platinum records in every corner of the world: from Hong Kong to Germany, from Mexico to Taiwan, Brazil and many others yet. He knows how to combine the charisma of a rock star with the innate virtuosity only to the best instrumentalists of our day.